What to Expect at the Initial Consultation with a Specialty Dentist?

If you have made up your mind to avail Sedation dentistry, it is important to know how the entire experience can turn out to be at the time of initial consultation. So the process in a nutshell can be explained as when you select a Sedation Dentist in Somerville, they will brief you about the processes that will change your dental appearance for good.

The dentist will put forward multiple options that can be chosen as per preferences. Since some of these procedures are irreversible, you must take your time to know the skill set possessed by your dentist to feel confident about the treatment.


The phase of initial consultation with a gum disease dentist or cosmetic dentist in boston dishes out the opportunity for learn more and more about the dental practices which are to be followed to set the smile that you like. It is a platform where you and your dentist can discuss and set realistic expectations before commencing the cosmetic dental treatment.

  • The first step of specialty dentistry in Somerville includes records gathering basis which a unique and precise cosmetic dental treatment plan is prepared and shown to you to meet your needs.
  • Secondly, it involves assessment of practice’s ambiance and makes one realize if he /she is comfortable in dentist’s chair-side manner.
  • Initial consultation also opens up the door to see if the staff is friendly, welcoming and jots down the concerns and resolves them.
  • As cosmetic dentistry is believed to be a field wherein it is important that both the parties build a rapport, open sharing of information is a must.
  • Somerville sedation dentistry is a comprehensive process involving intraoral examination and inspection prior conducting any dental job. This is then followed by taking intraoral photographs, radiographs (X-rays) that present a clear impression of upper and lower teeth. Click here to know more about sedation dentistry.
  • Consultation also reveals choice of tooth shapes and sizes and color.
  • It might also include meeting with a patient coordinator to help you in scheduling appointments as well as guiding you on follow-up care.

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