Quarter 1 Flash Back of Great Hill Dental Partners

We all have entered into 2016 early in January month and it’s been four months now and Great Hill Dental Partners, LLC is dedicated on providing the best possible dental care solutions to the lovely people of Massachusetts. We’re mesmerized with the love and support that we received from our valuable patients that in turns motivate us to help dental-phobic patients to make relaxed and complete their oral treatment with no fear and stress.

We’re extremely thankful to our staff that dedicatedly offering their services to the Great Hill Dental Partners. Let’s go in the flash-backs of last four months of 2016 in our all five locations – Boston, Chelmsford, Braintree, Peabody and Somerville.

Great Hill Dental Partners LLC

Great Hill Dental Educates High Schoolers on Career Day

Earlier in January 4, 2016 we participated in educating high schoolers on Careers in the Dental Field on the Career’s Day. A dentist, hygienist, and dental office manager from Somerville and our Chelmsford office were there to answer the queries of students and to provide information about the career opportunities in the field of dentistry. For more details, Read More.

Specialist Dental Care for Patients Battling Cancer

Later, in January 26, 2016 Great Hill Dental Partners announced new department of dental oncology for specialist dental care for the patients battling cancer. Dr. Ryan S. Lee, DDS, MPH, MHA, Oral/Dental Oncologist joined our Boston team.

Orthodontist Moira Casey Joined Chelmsford Office

After Dr. Ryan’s collaboration with our Boston office; in Feb 09, 2016 Orthodontist Moira Casey joined our Chelmsford team. Dr. Casey’s capability to care for all of our valuable patients encourages ease for all of our patients. We are so pleased to have her with our team.

Peabody Office Attended 12th Annual Health & Wellness Expo

On March 8, 2016; Great Hill Dental in Peabody participated in the 12th Annual Health and Wellness Expo. The aim of the Expo was to present information on products and services to improve everyday life and overall improved living for people of the North Shore area.

Smiles for Life 2016 Children’s Charity

Great Hill Dental Partners joined with the Smiles For Life 2016 Children’s Charity Campaign in March. Our all location offices also sponsored five local charities.


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