Sedation Dentistry – Know the Complete Cycle

The procedure of sedation dentistry should be always availed after assessing the entire process in detail. There are certain things that are best to be discussed to ensure safety and set the right expectations in the very first meeting with the dentist.


Specialty dentist in Boston MA is always practiced by well-qualified and hands-on medical professionals. To begin with, in the first meeting the below listed things should be sorted out:

  • Have a discussion about the complete health history that encompasses:
    • Medical conditions treated in the past such as diabetes and heart disorders
    • Disclose details about all the medications prescribed by the doctor in past
    • Share details about over-the-counter medications, vitamins such as aspirin and other remedies
    • Details on alternative or herbal supplements – It is critical to tell the one of the best chosen dentists in Boston MA about the mild interaction with oral sedatives, if you are currently consuming them
    • Talk at length about the medications and dosages for oral sedation treatment by Boston dentist that can be adjusted with the current treatment you are about to pursue
  • Details about certain foods: During the entire course of sedation dentistry in Boston, even drinking something as simple as grapefruit juice can have ruin the effects of sedation. So discussing the details about all what you eat and like eating is quite crucial. Let him know about factors such as smoking and alcohol, since all these can interfere with the sedation medications.

To take ahead dental care in Boston, it is important to prepare for next appointment with your dentist. Some of these are:

  • There can be a scenario wherein the patients are instructed to take oral sedation medication a night before the appointment to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep
  • Also, it is advised that six hours prior to the surgery you shouldn’t eat or drink anything unless directed by your concerned sedation dentist.
  • Also be sure to stay hydrated as well as consume lots of fluids following the appointment to have a great positive impact with the overall treatment.

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