10 Best And Worst Behaviors For Teeth

What is the reason of tooth decay when one brushes and flosses regularly? How can there be a cavity deposit when one is not in a habit of eating sweets regularly? Well, there are many questions that most of us encounter when we discover a dental issue and try to assess the reason of its occurrence.

Well, this makes it clear why visiting a dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings is important. Here in this write-up we will study about the factors that result in damage to the teeth. These behaviors are a challenge to oral hygiene and dental health which is regarded as the cornerstone of a person’s smile. These can cause a great damage such as cracking, or chipping or can lead to destruction of the protective enamel coating that covers the teeth.


1. Selection of a Wrong Toothbrush – Brushing alone isn’t sufficient but brushing with right type of toothbrush completes the job. Avoid using a hard-bristled for brushing!
2. Grinding and Clenching – Tooth grinding also known as Bruxing cause great damage to the teeth such as looseness, pain in the jaw and others.
3. Brushing Habits – Forceful or even frequent brushing can cause damage to the teeth. One must stick to soft whisking which does the job of breaking the bacterial plaque that gets buildup on the surfaces.
4. Nail Biting – This is basically a sign of anxiety! It can cause a great extent of wear and tear to the teeth and often results in small chips and minor tooth fractures.
5. Teething or Tearing – Opening up tools such as bottle caps, tearing tags off cause chips, can cause fractures or cracks in the teeth.
6. Negligence on use of Mouth Guard – Especially if you are a sports person, missing on this athletic equipment can result in cut lips, broken or lost teeth, and other damage in case of an accident.
7. Eating up on Ice Cubes – This act demands application of a lot of force which isn’t healthy for the teeth. Imagine that you are taking the task of a grinder from your soft dental structure!
8. Dry Mouth – Known to very less, saliva contains minerals and helps in strengthening the enamel by neutralizing it. In case of dry mouth, the chances of cavity deposits, enamel erosion, and bad breath increases.
9. Eating habits – Consumption of sugary foods and preserved beverages/ carbonated drinks causes in tooth decay resulting from deposit of oral bacteria that produces cavity.
10. Stained Drinks – Such as coffee are highly acidic and results in dental problems!


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