Important Questions to be asked from a Pediatric Dentist

For parents, nothing stands as important as knowing what is best for their children’s health. Many dentists emphasize on the upkeep of children’s oral health and advice the parents to start caring about the same at a young age in order to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

Referring to an experienced pediatric dentist in Peabody is a great source of getting all the required information and recommendations as to what is best for a kid’s dental health. If this is your first visit to a dentist, then you should ask the below-listed questions in order to remain updated and enlightened about the medical well-being of your child.


  • What is suitable age of a child at which he should be taken to a pediatric dentist Peabody? – As soon as the kid reaches first year, he should be taken for the first dental visit. Some pediatric dentists also suggest 3 years or more as perfect age for a kid to start making regular visit to a dentist as far as he/she is maintaining good dental care.
  • How to clean baby teeth properly? – Pediatrician Peabody MA recommends use of wet wash clothe, or dental wipes along with soft-bristled toothbrush having a small head to clean baby’s teeth thoroughly.  Brushing twice a day is regarded as a healthy practice.
  • What is the suitable for a kid to start brushing with toothpaste? – Pediatric dentist near Peabody MA recommend use of non-fluoride toothpaste till the time child learns to spit it out, falling within the age bracket of 3-4 years.
  • What to be expected in the first visit to a Pediatric dentist? – Dentists usually keep the first meeting less stressful for the child in which they carry out a head and neck exam in order to take a note of general health of kid’s dental health. Also, the first visit is all about discussing the eating habits and diet patterns along with taking a brief on home dental care routine, or family dental/health issues, if any.
  • How often does the dental check-up required for the child? – Check-up is recommended every 6 months.

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