Veneers Can Make Your Smile Perfect and Save Your Teeth From Further Damages

Veneers are the thin and customized shells that are mainly made from porcelain and used to re-fabricate the natural look of damaged teeth. Such damage may be caused due to gaps, stains, chips, and broken edge etc. These shells are fused to the front of a tooth that is looking odd due to change in shape or color. Veneers are meant to provide strength and resilience just like the natural enamel of a tooth. Once a veneer is placed, the tooth looks like the original one. For the most perfect cosmetic dentistry including veneers in Somerville MA, the local residents often visit the best dentists or dental clinics there, for the best possible solutions.


Necessity of dental veneers

Following are the most common issues for which veneers are necessary

  • A discolored tooth is better covered with veneer. Such discoloration may be due to many reasons like presence of excessive fluoride, root canal treatment, previous use of resin for filling, strains that are not removable etc.
  • Chipped or broken teeth can look normal with the help of porcelain veneers.
  • Worn out teeth are also perfectly normalized with the help of dental veneers.
  • Misaligned and irregularly shaped teeth are also treated with veneers.
  • Closing a gap between two teeth is often accomplished with veneers.

Procedure followed for dental veneer

Dental veneers in Somerville are professionally done by an expert dentist in Somerville. Normally, a dental veneer work requires a few trips to the dentist –

  • For the primary consultation and diagnosis of the problem.
  • Before undertaking the veneering process, the dentist prepares the damaged teeth for making and adjusting the veneers. An impression of the affected teeth is taken after trimming it with the help of special devices. As per the impression, the veneer is prepared, which takes 1-2 weeks.
  • A Somerville dentist may decide to consider one tooth or multiple of teeth for the veneering process at a time, depending on the situation.

Veneering work is a part of cosmetic dentistry, which is expertly accomplished by an expert dentist in Somerville. Veneer is required to protect a tooth from further damages.


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