Know Some Common Traits of a Specialty Dentist

Specialty Dentist is in highly consulted by people who face issues with their teeth every now and then. There are certain treatments that demand extensive talent and expertise on the part of dentist who should possess a professional degree in dentistry along with some valuable traits. Talking about Braintree Dentist, it stands crucial that apart from his/her education, he should possess soft skills which are non-negotiable as per the work he is involved in.

While people hunt for best dentists in and around the city, it is important for them to evaluate the most reputed one on the basis of their professional as well as personal qualities. Some of such qualities that differentiate best from the rest are enlisted below:

  • Personable – Every dentist in Braintree should have this trait of being easily approachable and highly empathetic to sustain clients in this highly competitive profession. This also ensures the patients that the dentist whom he has approached has great bedside manners and is friendly, heartening with an agreeable attitude, excellent communication skills with an honest interest in getting them out of the condition.
  • Patience: Almost all dental treatments including dental implants, teeth whitening in Braintree take time. So, for a dentist it is imperative to ensure that the best quality of care and consideration is given to each patient. Also these professionals have to deal with patients of all age groups ranging from elderly, to children, and disabled lot and those who have a negative attitude or lack of trust in the cure for the disease. So it is important to maintain a positive interaction with these patients throughout the course of treatment.
  • Proactive: Not only a dentist has to be great at treating the patient, but suggesting preventive measures for a particular condition is also important. Also, the speediness in finding a disease, commencing its treatment and delivering the result sums up the entire job.
  • Precise and Quick: Top of all, a dentist should have great hands on taking precise movements and should have a preciseness in performing painful procedures such as tooth extraction or cavity filling or in case of fixing damages caused to teeth due to mishaps.

5 Useful Tips To Undergo Sedation Dentistry

If you are due to take your first sedation dentistry treatment and you sit wondering what would happen in the course of appointment, this blog will definitely help you. Well, sedation dentistry as you might have known by now is mostly availed by those set of patients who have dental phobia, need to undergo multiple dental procedures lined up, have low pain tolerance, or want their dental session to get over as shortly as possible.

Any sedation dentist in Chelmsford MA is practiced and trained to apply a certain set oral sedatives and topical anesthetics that enable the patients to sit with patience and relax at the time of dental procedure. In fact, a dentist providing conscious and effective sedation dentistry services always advice his patients to follow some pain-relief guidelines that are outlined by American Dental Association. Top 5 tips recommended by the dentist are outlined below:

  • Step #1: Discuss the Details with Your Sedation Dentist: Although this type of dentistry is being followed by the medical professional form past couple of years, discussing the dosages for adults before the procedure(s), is a right way of going by the treatment. The Specialty dentists also tends to disclose the combined dosage of local anesthesia and oral sedation that helps in relieving the pain and anxiety.
  • Step #2: Tag a Friend Along: even after discussing the treatments in length, some patients might lose their calm during the process. So, it is advised that the patients should bring along a family member or trusted friend for additional support and reassurance.
  • Step #3: Play with your Psychology: Prior the treatment, it is best to take measures to occupy your mind bringing along a book or puzzle that work as wonderful distractions.
  • Step #4: Opt for a Friendly Chauffeur: In most of scenarios, post the sedation treatments, patients become too relaxed to be able to drive. Taking along a family member or friend keeps the patients at ease to and fro ride to the clinic.
  • Step #5: Select Apt Sedation: Patients must discuss anxiety levels to the dentist in advance actively look for the level of sedation given.

You must also have a look at this post about the best qualities of a good sedation dentist.

Understand the Two Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments 

Tooth discoloration is being reported by every second person and its major causes are both internal and external. Some of the internal tooth discoloration causes are exposure to tetracycline, fluoride, tooth decay, consumption of antibiotics growing years, developmental disorders, restorations, root canal issues etc. Apart from this, external tooth discoloration happens owing to external factors such as consumption of tobacco smoking, foods with vitamins, tea, tannins, coffee, oranges, etc.

white teeth after whitening

In order to avail teeth whitening treatment in Peabody, one must understand the varied methods/types of Teeth Whitening Treatments available in cosmetic dentistry. The two broad categories of teeth whitening are in-office treatment and the second is do-it-yourself approach, done through the over the counter products. Every dentist in Peabody will first evaluate, assess and suggest the most befitting treatment to the patient depending on the extent of discoloration caused.  Lets’ understand both the processes in detailed below:

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening –Also known as professional tooth whitening, it is carried out in a dental office and is a highly preferred whitening method. This is due to the fact that even if it involves application stronger agents, certain mouth areas, including the gums remain protected from the ill effects of these materials. This process involves application of a buffer in the gel which acts as a safety layer for tooth enamel and saves it from getting damaged. It is really effective and helps in transforming teeth sometimes in a visit or two. Dentist in Peabody promises that the teeth glow to 10 shades better in just about an hour.
  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) OR Home Tooth Whitening Systems–This process is suitable for those who want to keep the entire process within the reach of their pockets since the commercially available tooth whitening systems are inexpensive and easy to apply. Such systems include paint-on tooth gel, whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, mouth trays with gel, and even whitening gum. However, these are typically safe, but not as effective as the first option of gaining professional supervision.

10 Best And Worst Behaviors For Teeth

What is the reason of tooth decay when one brushes and flosses regularly? How can there be a cavity deposit when one is not in a habit of eating sweets regularly? Well, there are many questions that most of us encounter when we discover a dental issue and try to assess the reason of its occurrence.

Well, this makes it clear why visiting a dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings is important. Here in this write-up we will study about the factors that result in damage to the teeth. These behaviors are a challenge to oral hygiene and dental health which is regarded as the cornerstone of a person’s smile. These can cause a great damage such as cracking, or chipping or can lead to destruction of the protective enamel coating that covers the teeth.


1. Selection of a Wrong Toothbrush – Brushing alone isn’t sufficient but brushing with right type of toothbrush completes the job. Avoid using a hard-bristled for brushing!
2. Grinding and Clenching – Tooth grinding also known as Bruxing cause great damage to the teeth such as looseness, pain in the jaw and others.
3. Brushing Habits – Forceful or even frequent brushing can cause damage to the teeth. One must stick to soft whisking which does the job of breaking the bacterial plaque that gets buildup on the surfaces.
4. Nail Biting – This is basically a sign of anxiety! It can cause a great extent of wear and tear to the teeth and often results in small chips and minor tooth fractures.
5. Teething or Tearing – Opening up tools such as bottle caps, tearing tags off cause chips, can cause fractures or cracks in the teeth.
6. Negligence on use of Mouth Guard – Especially if you are a sports person, missing on this athletic equipment can result in cut lips, broken or lost teeth, and other damage in case of an accident.
7. Eating up on Ice Cubes – This act demands application of a lot of force which isn’t healthy for the teeth. Imagine that you are taking the task of a grinder from your soft dental structure!
8. Dry Mouth – Known to very less, saliva contains minerals and helps in strengthening the enamel by neutralizing it. In case of dry mouth, the chances of cavity deposits, enamel erosion, and bad breath increases.
9. Eating habits – Consumption of sugary foods and preserved beverages/ carbonated drinks causes in tooth decay resulting from deposit of oral bacteria that produces cavity.
10. Stained Drinks – Such as coffee are highly acidic and results in dental problems!

All That You Need to Know About Dentures

Dentistry is a highly respected filed of medicine which is sought by people on monthly/weekly basis. Out of all the latest dental issues, dentures are the highly availed medical facility by patients. This process involves replacing weak or missing tooth; the tooth act as a removable dental appliance that are either structured in full or partial section depending on the loss of tooth.

Braintree dentist holds specialty in setting these issues right and can cover other issues related o the teeth such as stains, toothache, cavities etc. Mostly the conventional dentures are placed on the gum and sometimes attached to the natural teeth; the implant-supported dentures are mostly affixed to the foundation which is surgically fixed on the jawbone.

Every dentist in Braintree has a great experience on dentures and can offer customized set to suit the needs and mouth setting of the patients. While patients take a lot of time in setting these dentures, they do not feel exactly as they feel with their natural teeth.


Some of the prime benefits of getting a denture are that they help in replacing the missing teeth in order uplift the overall appearance and smile of the patient. Without seeking support from the denture, usually the facial muscles tend to sag, leaving the person look much older. Also, getting a supportive denture treatment from the Invisalign dentists in Braintree MA enable one to eat and speak more comfortably.

Some of the useful tips about post dentures care are enlisted below:

  • Don’t make the dentures dry out – It is advised that the dentures should be kept in plain water or denture cleanser soaking solution. One must avoid the use of hot water, which often causes the dentures to deform.
  • Brush the dentures – Just like natural teeth, dentures also need brushing to remove food and dental plaque and keep them shiny and strain free
  • Regular mouth cleaning – It is advised that one should brush their gums, tongue and palate each morning using a soft-bristled brush to stimulate circulation in the tissues.

Dental Suggestion For Better Oral Health

Since Childhood we are taught that we must brush our teeth twice a day but we must also teach proper way of brushing and also tongue cleaning. One must also take care of their eating habits as we eat some sticky food that is leftover and causes bacteria.  People must also rinse their mouth properly after every meal so that no hidden food is left over. Going to a dentist must be a regular practice once a year, to keep away from all dental issues. Different types of brushes are available for different age group according to sensitivity of your teeth. Here is a info graphic representation of how to keep your teeth’s healthy and ever shining. Following info graphic also represent what kind of food is good and bad for your dental health.


Sedation Dentistry – Know the Complete Cycle

The procedure of sedation dentistry should be always availed after assessing the entire process in detail. There are certain things that are best to be discussed to ensure safety and set the right expectations in the very first meeting with the dentist.


Specialty dentist in Boston MA is always practiced by well-qualified and hands-on medical professionals. To begin with, in the first meeting the below listed things should be sorted out:

  • Have a discussion about the complete health history that encompasses:
    • Medical conditions treated in the past such as diabetes and heart disorders
    • Disclose details about all the medications prescribed by the doctor in past
    • Share details about over-the-counter medications, vitamins such as aspirin and other remedies
    • Details on alternative or herbal supplements – It is critical to tell the one of the best chosen dentists in Boston MA about the mild interaction with oral sedatives, if you are currently consuming them
    • Talk at length about the medications and dosages for oral sedation treatment by Boston dentist that can be adjusted with the current treatment you are about to pursue
  • Details about certain foods: During the entire course of sedation dentistry in Boston, even drinking something as simple as grapefruit juice can have ruin the effects of sedation. So discussing the details about all what you eat and like eating is quite crucial. Let him know about factors such as smoking and alcohol, since all these can interfere with the sedation medications.

To take ahead dental care in Boston, it is important to prepare for next appointment with your dentist. Some of these are:

  • There can be a scenario wherein the patients are instructed to take oral sedation medication a night before the appointment to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep
  • Also, it is advised that six hours prior to the surgery you shouldn’t eat or drink anything unless directed by your concerned sedation dentist.
  • Also be sure to stay hydrated as well as consume lots of fluids following the appointment to have a great positive impact with the overall treatment.

Qualities of a Great Sedation Dentist


Dentists have an important role and place in the society. Gone are the days when a single dentist used to get approached for varied dental issues since now a days, the dentists are segregated as per their line of discipline. They not only help patients in improving as well as maintaining their oral health but give specialized care in the respective area of dental concern.

Dentists practicing Sedation dentistry in Boston are highly qualified to handle patients and administer them through intravenous route, oral route, intramuscular route, or nitrous oxide inhalation. They follow the specific treatments and process to tackle the oral hygiene issues, and work on enhancing all the dental aspects imparting beautiful smile as ever.

An experienced and reliable Sedation dentist in boston will walk the patients through the entire process that will be undertaken and explain what will be their impact overall health of the patients. Resolving queries, calming down apprehensions and leaving the ground open for alternative options are some traits that the treatment is going to be good. Above all, if you are considering veneers, it is important to ask for number of veneers that the dentist will place.

Getting hold of a wrong and under qualified dentist practicing Sedation dentistry can impose great risks to the oral health. However it may seem that all the dentists are capable to provide identical treatment and procedures, still the one who has a strong hold in this domain will outperform the task with regard to patient experience.

Another admirable trait of a sedation dentist is that the treatment will concentrate on nutrition, reduction of stress, toxins, and cosmetics,to list down a few. The sole aim of a good sedation dentist will be to safeguarded against dental caries, gum diseases, and other problems that put the dental health at risk. If one has least contacts to search for a reliable dentist in and around the Boston, it is advised to go through the dictionary and check for reviews online to shortlist a handful of good dentists. They will leave no stone unturned to set right the alignment of teeth and gums using latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

How to know you have consulted the best Boston Dentist?

Choice of a dentist should never be taken lightly. Talking about the cosmetic dentists, those who have a knack and detailed know-how about the nitty gritty of smile enhancement procedure become undeniably the best choices. So, for any dental process it is important to take time, evaluate all the options in hand, and consult close friends and family before fixing the final hand to treat your dental problems.

Every Great Hill Dental – Boston dentist promises to be the best oral health care provider. Here are certain things that be looked for a dentist –


  • Location and operating hours– Choose a Boston cosmetic dentist who is located near to your home or workplace since it adds convenience to plan a schedule and consumes less travel time. Additionally, see if the office is open on all the days and timings are favorable to schedule an appointment.
  • Budget: If you are consulting cosmetic dentists in Boston for smile enhancement procedures, you must be having an estimate of cost. Inquire if the dentist accepts the insurance and is open to varied payment modes such as personal checks, credit cards, payment plans. Also, take into account that some dentists charge as per their experience indifferent procedures such as fillings, crowns or root canal therapy.
  • Professional qualifications–It isn’t that difficult to find a well-qualified Dentist in Boston MA which can be further inquired from local dental society. Also it is important to ensure that the dentist’s office has policies on infection control.
  • Emergency care– Many dentists that provide emergency cosmetic dentistry. Know as to what are their policies in such scenario, if there is an urgency at odd hours. Make sure that dentist is reachable through cell phone or pager at the time of need.
  • State licensing boards– Final aspect that will tell you that your choice is perfect is to check with State Dental Boards website if the dentist is licensed. It also reveals if there has been any legal suits or disciplinary actions against him/her in the past.

Quarter 1 Flash Back of Great Hill Dental Partners

We all have entered into 2016 early in January month and it’s been four months now and Great Hill Dental Partners, LLC is dedicated on providing the best possible dental care solutions to the lovely people of Massachusetts. We’re mesmerized with the love and support that we received from our valuable patients that in turns motivate us to help dental-phobic patients to make relaxed and complete their oral treatment with no fear and stress.

We’re extremely thankful to our staff that dedicatedly offering their services to the Great Hill Dental Partners. Let’s go in the flash-backs of last four months of 2016 in our all five locations – Boston, Chelmsford, Braintree, Peabody and Somerville.

Great Hill Dental Partners LLC

Great Hill Dental Educates High Schoolers on Career Day

Earlier in January 4, 2016 we participated in educating high schoolers on Careers in the Dental Field on the Career’s Day. A dentist, hygienist, and dental office manager from Somerville and our Chelmsford office were there to answer the queries of students and to provide information about the career opportunities in the field of dentistry. For more details, Read More.

Specialist Dental Care for Patients Battling Cancer

Later, in January 26, 2016 Great Hill Dental Partners announced new department of dental oncology for specialist dental care for the patients battling cancer. Dr. Ryan S. Lee, DDS, MPH, MHA, Oral/Dental Oncologist joined our Boston team.

Orthodontist Moira Casey Joined Chelmsford Office

After Dr. Ryan’s collaboration with our Boston office; in Feb 09, 2016 Orthodontist Moira Casey joined our Chelmsford team. Dr. Casey’s capability to care for all of our valuable patients encourages ease for all of our patients. We are so pleased to have her with our team.

Peabody Office Attended 12th Annual Health & Wellness Expo

On March 8, 2016; Great Hill Dental in Peabody participated in the 12th Annual Health and Wellness Expo. The aim of the Expo was to present information on products and services to improve everyday life and overall improved living for people of the North Shore area.

Smiles for Life 2016 Children’s Charity

Great Hill Dental Partners joined with the Smiles For Life 2016 Children’s Charity Campaign in March. Our all location offices also sponsored five local charities.